What is a reality show?

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     A reality show is a genre of television programming where you can see what happens to real people in a specific place. Even though this kind of television programme has existed more or less since the early years of television, the term reality show is most commonly used to describe programmes produced since 2000.




     There are a lot of types of reality television shows: survival, where a group of people go to an island to survive without comforts (Supervivientes); closure (Big Brother); artistic academy, where people tries to turn into a dancing, singing… star (American Idol); modelling, where boys or girls seek to turn into models (Supermodelo); get to my life, where famous or anonymous people announce their royal lives (Laguna Beach); estrategy, where the competitors have to eliminate his companions by means of strategies of game (El traidor); image change, where people are changed by means of cosmetic surgery (Extreme Makeover), artistic show, where people do artistic shows (Britain's Got Talent); dating, where people go to look for a couple (Room Raiders)…

     The main characteristics of these types of reality shows are the characters who take part in them, their personal lives, the abilities they have to dance, sing… The characters may be anonymous or famous. Anonymous people often belong to a medium social class and they are willing to make their private life public, and in exchange, they want to become famous, find a job, achieve their dreams… However, famous people turn up at this kind of programme as well, but not with the same aim as the others. Their objectives may be calling more attention, being more known as person, recovering the reputation…


     Reality shows are shown on television all over the world and, although some of them are similar from one country to other, others are completely different. For example, there are number of new reality television shows in the USA that aren’t shown in other channels in other countries such as Laguna Beach, Parental Control… which are very dared as the majority of American reality shows. However, this kind of programmes are less dared in Spain but they look very much for conflict. On the other hand, the realities are joined by force in the Basque Country.


     It could be said that this kind of programmes are the most controversial ones on television nowadays.

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