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Ingeleseko apunteak

ingelesa 1456147867554 ingelesa | 2007-06-18 22:05

  Hona hemen ingeleseko. Norbaitek gehiago baditu jar dadila kontaktuan gurekin eskegi ahal izateko. Ikasleeen apunteak dira, kontuan izan. Akatsak daude! Sorte on!


ingelesa 1456147867554 ingelesa | 2007-06-03 11:24

VOCABULARY a chain: a group of shops, hotels, etc. owned by the same person or company (e.g. Benetton) A clair voyant: adivina a client: someone who receives a service from a professional person (e.g. a lawyer) A coincidence: casualidad, coincidencia a colleague: a person who works with you a competitor: a person, company, or product that is trying to do better than the others a customer: a person who buys goods (things for sale) or services, e.g. from a shop or restaurant A dice – dado A dressing-gown (bata, albornoz) a executive: a person who has an important position in a company A fait...