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What is a Pastoral? 

A Pastoral is a Basque tradition that is used to express literature in another way.  This tradition consists of embodying literature orally by means of popular drama.  This oral literature is expressed by “bertsoak”.

Where was the Pastoral created? 

The Pastoral was created in Zuberoa.The first written products are from the XVII. century. The first Pastoral was registered in Atharratze in 1643 in “Saint Jacques”. This type of literature has had an evolution during history. At the beginning the Pastoral was celebrated in the church but nowadays it is celebrated in the streets.

What are the characteristics of the Pastoral?

Dualism is one of the most important characteristics. In this type of drama actors represent the good and the evil. In the group that represents the good, there are angels, priests and God, although God is only represented by a voice in the play. In the group of the evil, there are enemies of the period: the Turkish, the French or the English. Normally the topics are connected with the Basque Country, but in the past topics were connected to the Bible and French historical aspects.

Tourism or culture?

The pastoral is one of the most important exhibitions in the north of the Basque   Country.  It has become very popular in recent years but is this a cultural revival or a question of tourism?

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