Things you might (not) know about Nazism

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Nazism was a German political doctrine that encouraged the Aryan race and rose against anything different from it (specially Jewish people). Moreover, Nazism believed that communism was the worst and most authentic danger for Germany and the whole Europe. The word `Nazi´ is related to the German government between 1933 and 1945.


Different philosophers provided ideas to this movement: Hegel exposed the ideology of the `Town spirit´; Nietzsche `The blonde beast´; and Spengler `The importance of keeping the blood clean´.
In 1919, Hitler started working in the publicity area of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party, but he suddenly (1921) became the leader because of his charisma. Two years later, his Party tried to stage a coup, but it did not work, so he was sent to prison for about 11 months. In jail, he started to write a half-autobiographic book called Mein Kampf, which almost became a sacred book. This was the beginning of the Nazi movement. Once free, Hitler’s Party won the elections in 1933. World War II was started in 1939, when Germany invaded Poland. Although Germany was very important in that war, when the World War II came to an end, the Nazi movement disappeared with it.
From its creation as a National Socialist German Workers’ Party the principal 25 points do not vary: expelling Jewish people, defending positive Christianity, defending the general interests upon the particular ones, imposing order, and doing away with the Treaty of Versailles.


Ideologically, Nazists believed in the biological determination: the work someone should make depends on his or her biological condition. They claimed that the Aryan man was a hard-working bellicose virile man. They thought that every civilization created by the Aryans was finished when different races were mixed. In addition, the Jewish community was the antithesis of the Aryans, and they were always fighting against it. They believed that Jewish were making a conspiracy to control the whole world.

Some interesting aspects

There is some interesting data about Nazism. The most curious one is that Hitler, who encouraged the Nazi movement, was not Aryan. Nowadays there are two different aspects that we can find about Nazism. On the one hand, there are still many Hitler followers. On the other hand, most of the people want this ideology to disappear (e.g.: it is not allowed to publish Hitler’s book Mein Kampf any more).


To sum up, if you want an entertaining way to know more about Nazism, we recommend you to watch the following films: American History X, This is England, The boy in the striped pyjamas and The pianist.

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