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Azpeitia is a town council of Guipúzcoa (Basque Country). It is situated in Urola Valley bording on the coast.

The town is famous because it is the place where Saint Ignatius of Loyola was born. He was the founder of the Jesuits and there is a basilica in his commemoration. Nowadays fourteen thousand inhabitants live in the town.

Azpeitia lives mainly from the service sector that supplies the need of the neighbours and part of the inhabitants of the nearby towns. It is the judicial and fiscal centre of area.

The secondary sector is very important in the town, overcoat in the relation with furniture and metallurgy. Their big firms have helped to create the municipal inheritance and the neighbours. Corrugados Azpeitia from Alfonso Gallardo group is the main factory of town. Mondragon Cooperative Corporation is a big contribution in the town.



  1. Loyola Sanctuary

It is a religious complex built around Saint Ignatius of Loyola’s house (Sanctified, canonized and beatified) founder of the Jesus Company or Jesuits.

The big basilica and centre of Sanctuary began to build in 1688 by the Italian architect J. Carlo Fontana.

The big religious building has 40000 square metres built and several hectares landscaped. The gardens situated in the back have got Venetians fountains with coloured fish and famous Oneida’s sculpture. In the garden we find the Jesuits private graveyard. The building is built with brilliant marble from Izarraitz, mountain of Azpeitia.

Saint Ignatius is considered the most international Basque followed by the guetarian Juan Sebastian Elcano.

Azpeitia celebrates the 31st of June the festivity of saint Ignatius It is patron saint.


  1. Jesus slaves Church

It was a set for a TV serial last summer. In the past it was boarding school and feminine school.


  1. Nature or Environment museum

It is situate in Saint Ignatius of Loyola’s old native house. It is surrender by park. In the museum you are explained the renewable and alternative energies, ecosystem, environment…


  1. Olatz virgin’s Convent

Olatz Virgin’s Convent is situate on the foot bill of Izarraitz massif.

Convent and hermitage of the town catechists. It was built in the XIII century. It is gothic.


  1. Swimming centre

It is composed of outside swimming pools for entertainment and leisure, and the inside swimming pool for training.



It is the juridical centre of the region. Azpeitia has got a new court. It’s colour and cosmopolitan. It is situated on the foundations of the old court, victim of an attack of ETA. It is still being built. It is opening will be at an early date.


7.Health centre

The health centre has got emergency service, x-rays, and all kind of specialities.

The building is a historical prison of the Spanish post-war.


8. Garmendipe

Azpeitia´s sport centre. It has got football fields with artificial and natural grass. Tennis and paddle courts. It has got a sports pavilion with basketball… It is a new building.


9. Bullring

Centenary bullring. Famous bullfighters have fought bulls in this like El Juli or Enrique Ponce. The bull fair is celebrated in honour of his saint founder, saint Ignatius.

A bullring seating 4000 spectators and presidency.


10. Town hall

Azpeitia Consistorial house. It is situated in the centre of the town. With an excellently façade, which wears its best full dress to celebrate the day of its patron saint: Saint Sebastian, on 20th January.


11. Ancient Syndicate

Nowadays we find the local police in this building. Ancient syndicate and ancient consistorial house in Azpeitia.


12. Basazabal house

Azpeitia Condal Palace. It is a hotel project.


13. San Sebastian Parish Church

Parish church build by a neighbour from Azpeitia. It was built in commemoration of the town patron saint, San Sebastian, and with the image of Lourdes Virgin.



Buildings dedicated to the culture. It is in construction. The building will have bar, auditorium, cinema… like the Kurssal.


15.Antxieta palace

Architectonic building with gothic style. Belonging to Antxieta family. Nowadays it belongs to Kutxa foundation and it is used by mental handicapped.


16. Emparan tower-house

It is situated in one of the part of the old town. It is a smart house. Now it is the town library.

Inside you can see the shields, arms and armours and the owner’s piano. It belongs to Kutxa foundation.


17. Local Laundry

Local laundry of Azpeitia. It has been used by public for many years. Nowadays we can visit it during the medieval fair. It has got a fantastic fountain outside where a lot of people drank water.


18. Franciscans Convent

It was built in the XVI century. The convent is always closed for public. The church is opened for religious celebrations. The convent dome is sewed by lot of different natural flowers place in pots.


19. Train Museum

It is situated in the old train station. The train museum and the station clocks. Lots of steam locomotives and trains are kept in this museum. There are exclusive trains like the train where Franco and Hitler met in Hendaya. You can travel by a steam train again at weekends.


20. Firemen Park

there are professional firemen in Azpeitia. The firemen park has the best communication technology and technical means

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