Mistakes (or how to find yourself)

zabaldu 1456153813162 Zabaldu | 2008-06-02 18:19

Imagine that to continue with your life you have to do something bad, so it might not be bad, it will be like destiny no?


Sometimes in our lives we find situations like that, were you have no choice but to continue even if you know you’re are doing wrong. And in the end, when everything passes, there is a strong feeling: sadness. At this point there are only two clear options: go back or go ahead.


Going back to fix it is not a good option, because past is like a mirror, every time you look on it, it breaks in many different parts cutting and changing and so do you. Then, the only option that remains is to continue with your life the better you can without looking back and facing the future with precaution and humility.


This is the way to find yourself; not going back is not the same as not apologize. Apologize is necessary to go ahead, not because is the universal way to fix problems between people, is necessary because is part of the healing process of our personality. Mistakes are part of us; the ways we solve them determinates our personality and show the people around us our ability to recover from a difficult experience. Mistakes are something necessary in the human experience, without them the human race wouldn’t have evolved.


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