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Real Sociedad is a Basque football team which is known as Erreala or the txuri-urdin (it means white-blue in Basque).In fact, the color is a symbol of the club. The club´s name means Royal Society of Football and it is located in Donostia, province of Gipuzkoa, in the Basque Country.

It was founded in 1909. During the early years there was a great rivalry with Athletic Club de Bilbao, that still lasts nowadays. This rival is the other important football club of the Basque Country. In 1928 Real Sociedad, together with nine other clubs, participated in the Liga BBVA (Spanish Premier League), and ended up in the fourth position in the final classification. The most glorious age of the club started in 1967, when they found their place in the Liga BBVA. Ten years later they were first in the championship.

Some of the most famous players were Arconada, Zamora, Aranzabal, Bakero and Kovacevic. All of them have been international players who have played with their respective countries. For example, Arconada is considered the best international goalkeeper of Spain. In the past most of them were Basque, but from the 90’s onwards foreign players began to arrive to the club.

Nowadays Real Sociedad is on the Second League and economically it is going through serious problems. Therefore, most players come from the lower levels of the club. After being a full year in the Liga Adelante (Spanish Second League), Real Sociedad does not lose hope of promotion and is working hard to achieve its goal.

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