Are the Basque media giving extra importance to Athletic?

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We all know that Athletic, approximately one week ago, played a final that in 25 years it hasn´t play, the final of the glass of the king.

We know that the fans of the Athletic was very deceived, that were going to celebrate it were winning or losing. But, Also we knew that the Basque mass media were going to give importance to the final, which some special programs would give on the topic. But, it has not been of the taste of all. For some to been a bit excessive, for example. for the people do not like much the football and for many fans of the Real Sociedad. But why of Real Sociedad?

Since Real Sociedad was founded in 1909 there has been a great rivalry with the Athletic football club. The reason for this rivalry is very simple: be the best team of the Basque Country. Today, Athletic is considered better than Real. The main reason is that the Real not in the Spanish Premier League, is in the second league (league that Athletic never have been). Another cause is that Athletic has reached the final of the glass of the king.

Therefore, were Basque media giving extra importance to the final? ETB is a string which is transmitted in three provinces, and not everyone is Athletic supporter. This is obvious.

A funny video that ETB broadcast.


Despite this, most of the matches being broadcast in ETB are from Athletic and in the final of the glass of the king made special emphasis. For example, one day before the final, ETB taught at the  topo f the screen the countdown to the start of the match. In the day of final too, ETB broadcast the final of these teams that played twenty-five years ago. Moreover, they released from the six p.m. until the start of the macth the atmosphere that was living in Valencia.

To check this, if we compare the emissions and the monitoring that ETB gave to Real Sociedad when they were second in the championship in 2003. both competitions are very demanding but it has more marit to win the league. This is becaude in the league , clubs have to play more matches.

With all that we would like to ask that the media control a bit the excess of importance to a game, or give the same importance when it is a question of other teams.

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