Do I have the right to decide?

geuerditzengarelako 1456133237309 Geu erditzen garelako! | 2009-05-22 11:38

“Yesterday,while I was going on a walk around my neighbourhood I came across a poster. It had the picture of a baby and a lynx with a slogan on it: y yo que? After reading it, the first thing that came into my mind was my situation two years ago, when I had an abortion because my life was in danger”.

What is more important? The life of a fetus that does not have the capacity to survive on its own or the life of a human being? The Church says that women who have an abortion don’t think about the fetus life, and we consider that as hypocritical as what they do when they just think in the fetus. Why does the Church spend so much money in campaigns against abortion instead of thinking about the mother’s life?

Believe or not, this is not the only aspect that the Church does not accept; they are also against taking the pill and using preservatives. That is to say, the idea about sex that the Church has is not the same as the one that people from the XXI.  century have. For the Church, sex is just the way of having kids, whereas for most people it goes beyond this idea.

To sum up, we must insist on the rights of individuals to decide about anything in their lives.

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