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Starting position: we will perform this exercise standing up, keeping our back straight to avoid any unnatural movement. We will bend our knees a little. The separation between legs should be the same as between shoulders.

Final position: the end of the exercise shall also be standing up, the back must also be straight, it is very usual to put too much weight moving the whole back, that besides being harmful, we work with shoulder and lumbar, which is not our interest, this would say that we are making less strength with the biceps. We will contract our abdominals and spines.


Curl de bíceps invertido con barra ¿Cómo hacerlo correctamente?



In principle, the biceps are worked on, specifically the brachial, brachial and brachioradial biceps. Other muscles are also involved in a secondary way, some shoulder muscles: front deltoid, upper trapezium and mid trapezium. The back is also worked little but somewhat: scapula lift, round pronator, long supinator. Finally, the wrist flexor muscle is worked.


  • Keeping the shoulders anchored, that is, only doing elbow flexion and extension.
  • Keeping the back straight, that is, not leaning the body to lift weight. 
  • Correct maintenance of the wrists
  • Grinding shoulders and gathering scapulas
  • Controlled breathing, breathing by force.


  • Dumbbells: can also be done with dumbbells, which extends the distance of the movement and adapts the motor pattern to execute the exercise more safely.

  • Concentrated: one development of the Curl biceps is the concentrated biceps, that is, we will only do the movement with the biceps.

    To perform the exercise we must start sitting on a bench, with our feet on the ground and a dumbbell held in one hand. When we hold the dumbbell, the palms of our hands will be facing upwards, that is, in the supination. Place the elbow of the same arm holding the dumbbell on the inner thigh on the same side, while the arm is extended.

    From this position, start the movement with the trunk slightly inclined. Breathe in and bend your elbow to bring the weight of your foot to the other knee. Wait for the end of the movement and start the controlled descent of the weight until the elbow opens again.







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