Notes Feature

Hello Guys,


It would be really great if Opera added a Notes feature to the browser. There are plenty of extensions out there, but I much prefer taking notes via the browser than trusting content to extensions.

It looks like there used to be a feature like this on an older version of Opera, which makes me hope there will be a return to that functionality again. Here are a few features I'd love to see:

  • Insert via hotkeys;
  • Search from a context menu that can be summoned on a page;
  • Categorize and colorize for sorting and navigation purposes;
  • Hashtags;
  • Import/export;
  • Associate URLs with notes that will automatically open;
  • Add the option to have a note be inserted into a particular field automatically if the user captures the note in that field.




For more information you can visit here: Feedback Management System Video



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